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Malta, Gozo and Comino are three majestic islands in the centre of the Mediterranean sea, just 90km south of Italy. 

Beautiful, Relaxing and Invigorating. The people, landscape, sea and sun  of Malta will recharge your mind, body and soul.

Checkout of the rat race. Now! 

You have worked hard enough. It's time for a well deserved break. 

Beach, Culture and Nightlife. Good food and Good Coffee! You can find it all. 

Malta is at the centre of 7,0000 year history. The islands, host many attractions: beach, cultural, family park, night life and country side. 


A small island with a big heart

This site will provide you will all the information you need to enjoy the islands. 
Below you will find a self guided 10 day tour of the islands. More coming soon!

Welcome to a marvel in the Mediterranean sea

Come to re-charge and re-energize. You Deserve it.

Probably you want to bookmark this page, and send it to those you will be travelling with!

Getting there:

Ryanair have some great deals! Air Malta as well. You can take a Ferry from Sicily or Genoa to Malta as well. If you are coming by your private boat there are plenty of Marinas. (check before hand for availability). 

You can also setup an alert on google flights and they will let you know when flight prices drop.

Best Time to visit : 

All year round is good!  Each season has it's own magic. In spring, summer and autumn you have the sea. In winter you can enjoy sunshine and the landscape. 

Best Location to stay:

Hands down Sliema and Gzira! In these neighbouring localities fun is always a few meters away. These two tourist beach towns are very well connected to the rest of the island.

Day 0: Prepare your trip!

Land, Check-in and off to the beach! :
Sliema and Gzira area

Sliema & Gzira

Getting there:

Book an eCabs (local Uber) taxi before you arrive in Malta, it is cheaper and more efficient especially if you arrive at night. You can hire a car for a few days, but probably you will not need it for all your stay. In Malta we drive on the left ๐Ÿ™‚

Like a local:

It is a good idea to have UV Sunscreen and a hat before you arrive, for all the family members in any season. Do use them on the first day out. In summer some extra UV protection such as long sleeves and sun umbrella might come in handy.

Hotels are nice. However having the privacy of a complete apartment. Several times larger than a miniscule hotel room has a lot more advantages. An apartment today has all the amnesties of a hotel room with apps, like Bolt you have room service at your finger tips. Short let apartments in Malta are high regulated, clean and value-for-money and probably this kind of accommodation offers the best value for money. 

This Malta self guided itinerary has been done with families in mind, for a 8 to 10 day stay in Malta and a bit of Gozo. Of course you are free to pick and mix any of the activities below in any order and as you see fit. Your feedback is most welcome! Contact us.

Book your flight and your stay. 

Gzira Beach - Manoel Island 

From this beach you have excellent views of Valletta.

Sliema beach
You can Swim anywhere along this coast line. 
Enjoy all the blue sea stretching far into the horizon.

Day 1: Coffee, Beer and Food

It's your first day  fight the jetlag with some good Coffee and some fresh sea breeze.
Visiting : Sliema and Gzira area

Note : We kept this day light, given people arrive at different hours of the day. If you come in early in the morning or late at night, you can skip to day 2 and visit Sliema / Gzira areas in between your other trips.

Sliema and Gzira are the prime prime tourist areas in Malta, for good reasons. You can find anything here; coffee shops local and international restaurants, live entertainment, beach, shopping malls, promenades and trendy swimming pools.

Do try the mouth watering Maltese Pastizzi and Qassattat!

Take a walk along the promenade and enjoy some chill time at one of the many restaurants and bars along the promenade. 

"MadAsia" Beer and Drinks

Usually a bit more popular towards the late evening. Some snacks served.

Is a restaurant and bar that is right on the beach! 

Opens from the afternoon till late at night. Jolly crowd. 

Sometimes hard to find a spot to sit, but the rocky beach is a few steps away.

Day 2 : Valletta 

Visit the capital of Malta, a UNESCO World heritage city

Take The Water Taxi from Sliema to Valletta

Less than 15 minutes to cross the harbour. Enjoy the views along the way!

Visiting Valletta

Getting there :

There are many ways to get from Gzira/Sliema to Valletta :

Bus : Sliema to Valletta by Public transport. 25 minutes
Share Ride : Uber/Bolt or eCabs.20 minutes
Water Taxi : Sliema water taxi on the side. 20 minutes. Most fun!
Walk : It's a good 90 minute hike, but interesting and invigorating.

Short history of Valletta :

The City was designed by the Knights and built by the sweat of the local Maltese and many others. The city is marvel to visit, even more when you consider that it has been built without modern machinery. It is one of the first cities to feature a grid system. The stairs are wide so man in heavy armour could climb up and down easily!

Valletta is a bustling city, with open markets and many excellent sites to visit. (see below) It is a mix of cultural, entertainment and culinary delights.

The knights colonization of Malta has it's biggest impact in Valletta, their dominion ended with the French invasion in 1798. The French y abolished the inquisition, slavery and provided free education. Local power struggles resulted in the Maltese pushing out the French, 10,000 locals turned up to throw the French out. Valletta the fortress became Valletta the prison as the French locked themselves in the city.

Two years later in 1800 the British Empire showed up and took over the islands. They ruled continually over the land and it's people for 230 years. The island was a resort and a trading base for the British colonial powers. A playground for them, but home for the locals. In World War II, Valletta being so close to the dockyards where the allied forces repaired their ships was heavily bombed.

In 1964, a constitutional referendum took place and won by a margin of only 5%. (I wonder why the majority did not want freedom)

Since then a lot of investment has gone into modernization of Valletta. A new parliament was built, the main fountain has been refurbished, the old busses have moved out and night life has returned.

Like a local:

The upper barracka gardens are a must see. in the upper upper right hand corner of these gardens, there is a lift which will take you down to the water taxi which connect with Birgu three Cities.

In some cafeterias, you can order your tea with both skimmed milk (Halib tal-bott) and fresh milk (Halib tal-flixkun)

Valletta night life is booming, straight street and many other areas are full of locals and tourists. Please do respect the locals. Maltese are a hardworking bunch and need their good night sleep as many most wake up at 6am to go to work.

Whilst haggling is not a common practice, it is OK to ask for a discount in the open market ๐Ÿ™‚

Super 5 is the most popular local lottery. Try your luck for 2.5 Euros ๐Ÿ™‚

Floriana, the town before Valletta also has some impressive sights to visit. Such as the granariesand King George V gardens. It is a short walk away from Valletta.

Day 2 : Valletta 

Visit the capital of Malta, a UNESCO World heritage city

Day 3: The Three Cities 

Birgu, Bormla, Isla

Tips for the three cities

Getting there : 

By Water Taxi: From Sliema Ferry to Valletta, walking to the Valletta Ferry and then taking another water taxi to Birgu.
By Bus: About 1 hour and one bus change,  Sliema you the three Cites by public transport. 
By Taxi: Use the app.

You can easily spend half a day or even a whole day around this area.  The Birgu Ticket gives you better deals when visiting 

About the three cities:

The three cities are: Birgu, Bormla and Isla. They are marinated in hundreds of years of rich cultural history. You can only experience this through your 5 senses. The cities have seen their fare share of blood, war and love. These lands cities have been fought over by empires throughout the millennia. Layering in their scars on the land, the people, the customs, the language and the culture. 

The south of Malta is the most densely populated part of the island.

All the big empires colonized Malta or attempted to do so. The Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, the Order of Saint John, the Italians, the French, the British and the Germans. The Three cities were always central pieces in the invasion chessboard. All these sieges, colonisations and oppression, need fortresses to establish control over the land. Defending is cheaper than attacking.

Isla is as fortified as Valletta and overlooks the main port. Bormla held the drydocks which was used to repair military ships . In the 70's,80's the drydocks were an important source of air pollution due to grit blasting of the ships. The area has now been replaced with gardens and canals.

The most renowned siege is the 1565 Ottoman siege of Malta. Where an expeditionary force tried unsuccessfully to take over the city. After many months of blood shed and reinforcements coming to aide both sides, the Ottomans called it a day and left. 

While walking through these streets, along the massive fortifications at the sea edge. One cannot but see how much blood our forefathers shed for freedom. Freedom of information, self governance, choice of religion and true democracy. The three cities are a testament that this value, does not come for free. 

Evil forces will always try to trick us out of these values. Each stone in those fortifications, each tower and fortress is a message from the past generations to our generation and the next. Telling us that freedom is a diamond. Each generation inherits this diamond with the responsibility to preserve, secure and perpetuate it to the next generation.

You can only see their message in person, come to Malta!

Like a local:

Travelling with the Bus could potentially be faster, as they have their own lanes on some of the main roads.

The Rinella Beach is the local bathing spot in this part of the island. 

Early morning on Tuesday's there is a Birgu flea market which has everything from toys, to clothes, to books, to food. It is mainly active between 8am and 10am. It is very local, and an opportunity to see what day to day life in Malta is like.

Park San Klement  is nice for a relaxed picnic and for your kids to play. If you want to eat there, take a packed lunch or check if Uber Eats / Bolt will deliver to you at the entrance of the park.