Airbnb in Malta

Airbnb guide to Malta

The archipelago of Maltese islands may be small, but they will outperform your expectations. Families, solo travelers and groups of friends will find ample ways for relaxation and recreation. The islands rise from the crystal waters of the Mediterranean sea through layer upon layer of limestone, history and culture. Each layer leaves its mark on the island’s cuisine, architecture and vibe.

The Knights, Turks, French, English, Romans  and many others may have long been chased out of these lands by the mighty Maltese but their influence on the land and people is still present, you will experience these ancient cultures when you come on vacation to Malta.

In Malta there are a lot of Airbnb’s to choose from and in this article we will cover the best spots, what to look for in an Airbnb and some of the best examples from the different accommodation categories.

The variety of Airbnb’s in Malta is extensive ; countryside Airbnb’s, large farmhouses, centrally located apartments, beach village apartments and even some exotic locations.

Is Airbnb legal in Malta?

AirBnb in Malta is legal and is regulated by the Malta Tourism authority, licensed apartments need to meet standards which ensure hotel-like-quality for AirBnBs. The host needs to have a license.

The short let tenants also have some responsibilities:)

1) Moving around: Just as in any hotel, noise levels need to be respected. Going in and out of apartment blocks respectfully, not to disturb other inhabitants. Just like you would do in a hotel.
2) Trash:  For short stays of a few days, the host will usually manage the garbage. However, for longer stays, extra care needs to be taken when sorting and taking out the trash. It is very simple though and there is a chart in the apartment or at the entrance explaining things.
4) Respect the apartment’s interior, the limit on people allowed, the party rules and the rules about smoking and pets. Many Airbnb owners now invest in exquisite designs to make your stay more enjoyable. Be nice to the apartments 🙂

Airbnb vs Hotel best options in Malta?

A hotel and an AirBnB are very similar in experience. If you have never tried a short term let, but you have been in many hotels you will find the mechanics the same: Check-in, Enjoy and then Check-out. 

On the bright side, with a hotel you have a; Reception, Breakfast, Room Service, Bar, Pool and Gym maybe.

To consider also with hotels: Probably Higher Price Per person, Smaller Space, No kitchen, One Tv, Very small Fridge, Kids usually cannot tolerate the small spaces of a hotel room for long.

With an AirBnB the advantages are

  • Probably cheaper per person.
  • More space and more amenities like a full kitchen, coffee machine, multiple TVs, dedicated desk space, and large fridge. 
  • Room service is also possible with Bolt, Wolt, UberEats. Using these you have a wider selection than any hotel Menu.
  • Airbnb’s are local mom-and-pop affairs, not owned by the 1%! Using an Airbnb in Malta is helping a guy or girl like you and me. Airbnb’s are commonly family endeavors. Where families invest their life savings into a short-let apartment.

AirBnBs do not have a reception, but the owners are one quick call away. No daily cleaning, but some hosts do offer this service.

What to look for in an AirBnB in Malta?

Given the extensive selection of good high quality properties for short term rental in Malta, you can be picky in which apartment you choose.

Consider as a minimum the following :

  • AirCondition
  • TVs
  • Equipped Kitchen
  • SofaBed
  • Lift
  • Kids entertainment
  • Internet
  • Good Location: Close to a beach, shops, ferries to Gozo and Comino
  • Separate Desk space
  • Well designed space

Should you consider Penthouses?
Sometimes electricity goes out in summer, because of Air-conditioning demand. It is part of the experience, so a penthouse property will get very hot very quickly without air conditioning. Best to avoid.

Lifts: If the electricity goes out, the lifts will not work. Apartments at the most on the 2nd floor.
SeaFront apartments: Nice, however usually there are bars close by with the potential for noise.

Central Location: Traveling time is important, there is some traffic on the islands, and the closer you are to the action the more time you spend on the beach rather than on the bus. Consider Gzira or Sliema as your key base.

Where should I stay in Malta Airbnb?

Where to stay depends on what you want to experience. We find that most people’s bucket list is to; visit Valletta, Explore the coast and swim, take some excursions, visit the megalithic temples, explore some more culture such as Mdina, experience the nightlife, see their kids entertained and happy.

For the above there are three main localities that you need to consider: Gzira, Sliema and Bugibba.


Gzira is a picturesque town in Malta’s central-eastern coast, it offers tourists a good mix of scenic beauty, culture and the live-by-the-sea experience. The waterfront promenade, with views of Manoel Island and Valletta, is perfect for relaxing walks. Gzira’s proximity to Sliema and Valletta makes it an ideal base for exploring.There are many ferry trips that can be taken from Gzira to Gozo, Comino and Harbour Cruises. Allowing you to easily explore beyond the tourist hubs.

There are many dining options, a varied lively nightlife and the mega shopping mall the point is only a 10 minute walk. Fort Manoel is a historical spot in Manoel Island which is part of Gzira.

In Gzira Accommodations ranges from luxury hotels to budget-friendly short lets. Friendly locals, English-speaking convenience, and a safe, laid-back environment add to Gzira’s charm.

From Gzira, Valletta is reachable by water taxi in 15 minutes, Sliema is a short 10 minute walk and St Julians is only a 10 minute uber ride away. There are several rocky beaches within walking distance and several cool pools. Bugibba is about a 20 minute drive or 40 minutes by bus.


Sliema is in between Gzira and St Julians, it is pricier than Gzira and it has taken solid roots in the tourist’s  must-do’s list. It is as vibrant and entertaining as both St Julians and Gzira. Sliema has very nice rocky beaches, and are some of the longest in Malta; and they are not crowded. Sliema has many shopping options which can give you a nice break from the sun and heat if you need it. Siema has a few free children’s playgrounds. There is also an open air gym and  several children’s playgrounds.


Bugibba is similar to Sliema and Gzira. There are more hotels and also a few Casinos.A small sandy beach, and a long rocky beach. Bugibba has the “Spanish coast holiday village” vibe, full of sun burnt tourists smelling of sun tan lotion. It gets busy in the summer and it is very well connected to the most northern parts of the island. It has ample dining options and a few ferry services to Comino from Bugibba as well.


Valletta is Malta’s capital, the hilly peninsula is an open area museum, with magnificent vistas on all sides. Gzira and Sliema is on one side and the three cities on the other. It has it all,  Shopping malls, Cathedrals, churches, open air markets and restaurants and even a cinema. Valletta also has a vibrant nightlife for the older 30+ crowd and is less commercial than St Julians and Paceville . In a day or two one can explore all of Valletta. It is rather small. Staying there is interesting if you plan to make Valletta your main place to visit.

Saint Julian’s & Paceville

Saint Julian’s & Paceville is the main area for late night discos and bars. The younger crowd with energy to spare will find a dance floor where to burn all their energy, on the outskirts somewhere in between Gzira and St Julians you will find ample restaurants, promenades and easy bars. There is one sandy beach in St Julians and a number of rocky beaches. Think Ibiza.


Mdina is a beautiful medieval city, it looks like a movie set from Gladiator and the Game of Thrones. In fact both movies have done scenes there. Mdina overlooks Malta and has beautiful vistas. Accommodation here tends to be exclusive and expensive. Cars cannot go in Mdina, but there are plenty of parking spots outside of the city. It is suited for a chic, slow holiday , probably more for the winter months for an couples.


Gozo is the smaller island, it is great for a one day tour. Taking a ferry and moving through the main sites of the citadel, blue hole, the cathedral and Rabat the capital topping it all off with a swim in Rambla beach or Mgarr ix-xini. The Coastline of Gozo does have stunning views of Malta. In summer the island is very busy, especially around the St Mary’s feast period, on the other hand in winter it is quite quiet.

Best AirBnBs in Malta

Sliema 1 Bedroom Apartment

To book this apartment click here :

  • 1 Bedroom Apartment in Sliema
  • Separate Desk Areas
  • Maltese Balcony
  • Second Floor
  • Fully Airconditioned
  • Back Balcony
  • 3 TVs. The living room TV is a 55” with backlight
  • Maltese themed and nice pictures and art
  • Very Central location in Sliema

Gzira 2 Bedroom Apartment

To book this apartment click here :

  • 2 Bedroom Apartment in Gzira.
  • Separate Games Room : Table Soccer + Blackboard
  • 3 Separate Desk Areas
  • Maltese Balcony
  • First Floor
  • Fully Airconditioned
  • Back Terrace with hanging sofa
  • 3 TVs. The living room TV is a 65” with backlight
  • Maltese themed and nice pictures and art
  • Central location in Gzira, one of the best tourist areas on the island.
  • Electric Fire place
  • Separate Arm Chair area
  • Physical Book Library

Upmarket Villa

A Villa in Mellieha, being rented out for short lets it has it all